Please be advised that effective March 18, 2011 access to all online services and resources provided by LIUNA Training will only be available through www.liunatraining.org.

Access through the LaborersLEARN website will be discontinued.

Laborers-AGC Education and Training Program is offering classes online through its website - www.laborersLEARN.org. LaborersLEARN uses the net to to provide access to training and information to its members across North America. On this page, you will be guided through the process of logging on to the site and registering for available courses.

It is assumed that you already possess basic computer and internet knowledge and skills.

Online learning is training that is delivered over the internet through a web browser; it is also sometimes referred to as web-based training (WBT), distance learning, or e-learning. This method of delivery is an excellent learning tool that enables you to go at your own pace on your own time.


Using the LaborersLEARN website
You must first register with LaborersLEARN before accessing any information regarding courses offered. To do this, type this address into your browser: www.laborerslearn.org.
1. Click the "login" button on the lower left side of the page to connect to the login page.
The screen at right appears.

For new users: you will need to click on the link provided just above the login box that says "click here."

A disclaimer window regarding AOL users will pop up; click the "OK" button.

2. Next to the "role" field, click on the drop down menu and select "registered user." In the field for "affiliated users," leave "none selected" (this does not apply to members registering for classes).

3. Click the "submit" button at the bottom of the page.

4. Fill out the registration form and click on the "submit" button. A password will be sent to the e-mail address you provided in the registration form. NOTE: This step may take some time - in some cases, more than a day or so, as it is approved manually. Please submit your request ONE TIME ONLY.

Once you receive your password, you are ready to log on to the LaborersLEARN site to access the course listings.

5. To enroll in an online course, login using your login ID and password.

From the menu on the left, click on "view training schedules."

View the list of courses and then choose a course description by clicking on the course title.

It is strongly recommended that you enroll in the "How to be an Online Learner (2 hours)." This course will step you through the specifics of Laborers LEARN online learning procedures and layout of the courses. The course will help you better understand how to maneuver through any other courses listed in the training schedule.
6. To enroll in a course, click the "enroll" button at the far right of the course listing; then, click the "register" button that appears at the bottom of the pop-up window.
If the registration window does not appear you may have to hold the Ctrl button down while clicking the "enroll" button to temporarily disable any pop-up blocker software you may have installed on your computer.

Once you click on the "register" button on the pop-up window and go back to the course listings you may have to click the "refresh" button at the top of your web browser so that it will show that you are enrolled in that particular class. The screen will show the successful enrollment by displaying a red apple icon next to the course you have registered for.

7. To begin the course, click on the red apple icon.

8. After clicking on the apple icon in the course title, click on the "enter course" link.

It is recommended that you take the "program tutorials" offered under each course. This will prepare you for the course layout and what is expected of you throughout your online learning experience.

Limited student tracking is available by selecting the "get online class reports" menu option. The report is limited to those that have registered the course, those who have begun the course, and those who have completed the course.

Issuing certificates of completion for completed online courses will be done by the Training Fund upon verification using the class reporting program listed above.


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